A jazz CD makes no sense

Over the last year, I pulled together nine songs that I began writing when I was a teen (pictured above far right) to keep a promise to myself: make a jazz record. As a teen, a record was impossible because I was broke and had zero piano technique. Today, I'm still broke, and a CD makes no sense in the brave new world of streaming.  As a jazz pianist you are up against Oscar PetersonArt Tatum, and more recently, Eldar; when writing, Duke Ellington,Horace Silver, and Benny Golson. In spite of this, I plan to present a CD to myself on the occasion of my 52nd birthday in March, with songs that mean something to me, including songs I wrote about  Guantanamo Bay prison, a crushing breakup, and playground antics with the South Twins Kaylie and Kellie.

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